2013: The Year of Art Brunch

There is a commotion sweeping the Tri-State area regarding Art Brunch: a new, swanky event to attend that allows you to see and be seen while dining with the upper echelons of New York? Sign us up.

Art Brunch is abolishing the rules of the typical auction, as well as an average brunch, by bringing the level of glamour and enthusiasm to the fine art world that it has lacked for so long. The purpose of auctions is to feel the spark of bidding for something that you want, but it’s never really been an enjoyable experience. And the momentary glitz of a new artist’s gallery show doesn’t come close to Art Brunch.

So what is Art Brunch?

Art Brunch brings the rarest, most highly valued artists and leaders in the art fields to your dining table. Sip a Mimosa while bidding on a Basquiat, and have eggs Benedict while trying to score a Dali for the empty walls of your parlor.

Art Brunch is well worth the wait.

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